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Words Hurt

By: Rebecca Hughes The summer in between high school and college is a weird time. At least for me. After tirelessly working through summer reading for the past four years, having no schoolwork is a new feeling. With all of this newfound time on my hands, I found myself searching for a new project. That…
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How Girl Talk Helped Me Through My Move

By: Kendall Lipcon I have been a part of Girl Talk since I was in 4th grade….I’m a junior in high school now. Through the years, I have been a camper, counselor, Teen Advisory Board member, and now Ambassador. This past year, my life flipped upside down. I had lived in Georgia for 14 of…
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Self Esteem: Practice Makes Progress

By: Kelsey Sullivan Throughout my whole life, I’ve had to learn a lot about loving myself. I am very different than most girls because of my physical ability. I have been made fun of because my side and my weight and my walking ability. There are countless times that I have had to remind myself…
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11 Ways to Improve your Happiness

By Clancy Claire Perry and Smith Shaw Start each day with a positive thought! Sometimes during life it seems hard to stay positive, but your day can be changed drastically by starting your day with a positive thought. I have found when something is going on in my life that when I wake up finding something…
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Meet Girl Talk’s 2019 National Leader of the Year

We are thrilled to announce that Claudia Qi has been named Girl Talk’s 2019 National Leader of the Year! Claudia is a Girl Talk Ambassador and a Leader of the CHS Girl Talk Chapter in Temecula, CA. We are so proud of Claudia and inspired by her take on leadership, mentorship, service, and authenticity! As…
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Service Projects

by Sydney Bartels, Girl Talk Ambassador Service is defined as the action of helping or doing work for someone or a system supplying public need. Service is something that serves the public in an assisting manner, and serves a good purpose. The definition of service not only explains it as an action to help others,…
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Dealing with Bullies

by Kelsey Sullivan, Girl Talk Ambassador When you’re in school and someone is bullying you, it is very hard to deal with. I dealt with it quite a few times when I was younger. Here are some tips on how to deal with it! I would say having a really good friend on your side…
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Bullet Journaling 101

by Jenna Mains, Girl Talk Ambassador Bullet journaling started to boom in 2018 and is now transitioning into 2019. I started bullet journaling in the beginning of 2018, when I stumbled across countless YouTube and Instagram accounts that focused on bullet journaling. I have always loved stationery and anything that has to do with being…
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Senior Year: Where Did the Time Go?

by Sydney Bartels, Girl Talk Ambassador When I first arrived in high school, I never anticipated that it would just disappear so quickly. Like most teens who watched High School Musical, we all expected it to be fun and games, and have random bursts of song (which, I mean, has happened at my school, with…
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Body Positivity: Practice Makes Progress

by Sydney Bartels, Girl Talk Ambassador As summer rapidly approaches, body shaming becomes huge. But why? Body shaming just allows others to be harmful and cruel when there is no need to be. As an alternative, body positivity becomes a crucial part in standing up for yourself. So, what is body positivity? Body Positivity is…
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Meet Girl Talk’s 2019 Natural Life Give, Love, Laugh Scholarship Winner

We are so proud and honored to announce that Alyssa Howie has been named Girl Talk’s 2019 Natural Life Give, Love, Laugh Winner! Alyssa is the Leader of the Spencer County Girl Talk Chapter in Fisherville, KY, and we are so inspired by her story! “Girl Talk has opened opportunities for me to find my…
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25 Ways to Celebrate National Volunteer Month

Start a Girl Talk Chapter. Have a bake sale & give the proceeds to charity. Run/walk a charity race. Set up a clothing drive. Write letters to send to soldiers. Sign up to be a counselor at a camp for disabled children. Make toys to give to an animal shelter. Help out at your local…
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About My Girl Talk

When I Say Girl, You Say Power

by Rebecca Hughes, Girl Talk Ambassador It’s International Women’s Day, and this year I could not be more excited to be a young woman! This day is celebrated to eliminate discrimination against women. It also honors historical accomplishments made by women. Throughout history, women have been denied equal rights. Susan B. Anthony was one of…
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Defining Leadership with Rebecca Cenni-Leventhal

  We’re kicking off our newest blog series on powerhouse women leaders in the workforce with Rebecca Cenni-Leventhal (Founder & CEO, Atrium Staffing)! Leading up to her appearance at BizWomen’s Mentor Monday, our high school Ambassadors sent in their top questions for this wonder woman. What was your major in college and how did you…
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25 Ways to Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day

by Jessica Rao, Girl Talk Ambassador With our endless school work, and all of the other things going on in our lives, we tend to forget about the little things. A smile. A compliment. A hug. It’s tiny things like these that can make a person’s day. That’s why we should make more of an…
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A Simple Act of Kindness

by Sydney Bartels, Girl Talk Ambassador There are many ways to give back to the community and the lives of others around you. One of those ways are by acts of kindness. To do an act of kindness it does not have to be done by using money or resources, but also by time and…
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