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Ambassador Advice On Community

“To me, community is your general support system that pushes you to be your best and people that you can learn something from.”Kirti, Ambassador Questions Covered In This Episode How can we define community? What does community mean to you? Has there been a time that your community rallied around you to make you seen,…
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From Riding In A Plane To Flying The Plane With Lindsay Steffes

“Do not let outside pressure you might feel from people that don’t know you, or don’t love you and don’t support you, don’t let those people’s opinions effect you or effect your decision making process and what direction your career is going to go.” Lindsay Steffes Questions Covered In This Episode When did you know…
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Ambassador Advice On Empowerment

“I think it’s important to empower yourself so that you can empower others because you can’t give if you don’t have anything. I think it’s important that you are constantly talking positive to yourself because when you put yourself down you can’t bring others up.” Maddie, Ambassador Questions Covered In This Episode How can we…
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A Few Ways To Empower Others

Being able to identify opportunities to uplift & inspire another person is important when empowering others. Check out our list to get started. 1. Celebrate someone’s accomplishment. Has anyone you know accomplished something recently? Celebrate them – write a comment on their social, send them a text, call, or write a note. 2. Lift someone…
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Being the Puzzle Piece With Dixil Francis

“I see difficult conversations as an opportunity, not so much a challenge, but more so an opportunity for us to see our blind spots and improve who we are and try not to repeat some of those negative behaviors.” Dixil Francis Questions Covered In This Episode Dixil, you’ve been a member of the Girl Talk…
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She Leads – With Jeannine Watanabe

Name: Jeannine Watanabe Which Cox division do you work in? CCI Job Title Director Network Operations What would you tell your younger self? Never give up on your passion.  It is cool for girls to be good at math and science.  There are a lot of STEM careers out there where women can succeed. What…
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She Leads – With Jackie Kirk

Name : Jackie Kirk Which Cox division do you work in? : CAI Job Title : Technical Support Client Specialist What would you tell your younger self? : To never give up.  Stay focused and stay in school because its super important.  Follow my dreams because life is short. Not let others thoughts about who…
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She Leads – With Cathy Stephens

Name: Cathy Stephens Which Cox division do you work in? CCI Job Title Sourcing Manager What would you tell your younger self? You never know who can help you in the future – so it is important to make as many connections as you can. And you should never burn any bridges. I was able…
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Natural Life’s Give, Love, Laugh Scholarship

Thank you to Natural Life for sponsoring the Natural Life Give, Love, Laugh Scholarship again this year. We are extremely excited to announce they are supporting TWO winners this year! Applications are open!
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Target Circle

We’re participating in the Target Circle program! You can vote for us and help direct Target’s giving to benefit our nonprofit. For full program details and restrictions, visit Target Circle by clicking the link target.com/circle  Email [email protected] if you have any questions!
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Ambassador Advice on Inclusion - Girl Talk Podcast

Ambassador Advice On Inclusion

“We are different, … but we still have things in common and even if we don’t have anything in common, we’re different, why don’t we learn from our differences.” -Zada C., Ambassador Questions Covered In This Episode What is inclusion? How is it different from diversity? How does diversity lead to inclusion? How can we…
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Role Models Leading the Way

There are many ways that you can serve as a positive and helpful role model in your everyday lives. But first you may be wondering what exactly is a role model, how do they act, and why are they important? Those are all great questions that can be answered in lots of ways. What is…
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Mentoring Guest Podcast

It’s important to show your mentees that you are not perfect. We are humans learning, just like you are. It is okay to make mistakes and not to be perfect.  – Ariel Abernathy (Girl Talk Inc. Leader/Alumni) #GTC Questions Covered In This Episode What does mentoring mean to you? What did you learn about about…
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Mentoring Month Podcast

Having that person that can help guide you, help you, grow with you, and learn with you. I think that is what really makes a mentor. – Zada C. (Girl Talk Inc. Ambassador) #GTC Questions Covered In This Episode What is a mentor? What do you gain from mentoring and having a mentor? What impact…
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Year – End Podcast

How Our Leadership Shifted In 2020 For Our Girl Talk Leaders We are so proud of our Leaders! Thank you for leading so well in 2020! We look forward to watching you all continue to grow in 2021! Podcast and lessons combined will create a successful Chapter meeting!
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Destigmatizing Mental Health With Julia Paxton

“Mental health is an everyday battle because of that we have good days and we have bad days. The bad days are not a reason to give up. Our bad days are the reason to keep going so that we can experience more good days. It does get better. “ Melissa Henriques Questions Covered In This…
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