Megan headshot

Megan L. Rock


Megan has extensive experience and passion for creating non-profit and corporate partnerships through strategic development, negotiation and leadership. Prior to Girl Talk, Megan was Senior Vice President, Partnership Marketing for The Weather Company and oversaw corporate-wide partnerships that supported the company’s mission and business objectives.

If you could give every girl confidence to do or be one thing, what would it be? 

If I could give every girl confidence it would be for her to feel comfortable in her own skin, to stand up for herself and to be vocal. I would also give every girl the opportunity to have a great mentor who provides invaluable feedback throughout her journey of life. Lastly, I would give every girl the gift of kindness. "Kindness, like a boomerang, always returns." - Author Unknown

Haley Kilpatrick

Haley Kilpatrick


After founding Girl Talk, Haley’s dedication to helping young girls inspired her to write the bestselling book, The Drama Years, a guidebook for parents and educators to help girls navigate the transition into adolescence. She is currently leading research and working with thought leaders to help better understand how to address what she’s coined the, “Confidence Crisis” facing women and girls.

What does the Girl Talk tagline, Leadership Defined, mean to you?

Girl Talk is a safe space to not only learn leadership skills, while developing confidence, but to also get to teach and model to your younger peers what a leader looks like. All great leaders are constantly developing and growing- always. You will never know your full leadership potential until you start the journey to defining what that looks like in your own life- and it is never too early to start!

Ellen Dickson

Ellen Dickson


Ellen is an alumna of the Georgia Institute of Technology and has ten years of investment banking experience. She joined Girl Talk in 2013, and is passionate about the next generation of girls having the opportunity to be themselves, learning that they are unique and amazing just the way they are, and how to use their strengths to become the leaders of today and tomorrow.

What does the Girl Talk tagline, Leadership Defined, mean to you?

There are many different definitions of leadership, but for me, being a leader is not a title or seen only in a work environment; leadership is shown in your everyday and every minute actions, words, and attitude. No matter whether you are the loudest, the quietest, or somewhere in-between person in the room, every single person has a leader within and can make the choice in every situation to inspire, nurture and serve others.


Rylee Gothberg


Rylee is a Kennesaw State University alumna and is currently working towards her Masters degree in Learning, Leadership & Organization Development at the University of Georgia. Rylee has a passion for helping others and giving every girl the opportunity to reach her greatest leadership potential.

How would Girl Talk benefit your childhood self? 

I wish there was a program like Girl Talk in Connecticut when I was growing up! Girl Talk offers a safe place for peers to create friendships, strengthen leadership skills and build confidence. My childhood self could have used a place to practice positive leadership skills before entering high school and college. My friends needed a place like Girl Talk to remind them to be confident in who they are. Growing up in a generation consumed with perfection, Girl Talk empowers young girls to live confidently and lead fearlessly in their own skin!

Kali Smith

Kali Smith*


Kali is a Savannah College of Art and Design alumna and has been working professionally in the design industry for five plus years. She began working with Girl Talk in the Summer of 2018.

What is your favorite thing Girl Talk offers? What would you add to the program or curriculum?

Summer camp was my first hands on experience with Girl Talk. During the week I remember being so shocked and fulfilled to witness the amount of personal growth, confidence, and leadership that these young girls displayed. I would love to see the camp continue to expand to reach more girls in even more cities. I think the camp is a very unique and essential program that all young girls should be able to experience.