Body Positivity: Practice Makes Progress

by Sydney Bartels, Girl Talk Ambassador


As summer rapidly approaches, body shaming becomes huge. But why? Body shaming just allows others to be harmful and cruel when there is no need to be. As an alternative, body positivity becomes a crucial part in standing up for yourself. So, what is body positivity?

Body Positivity is the social movement that promotes and advocates for the acceptance of all shapes, sizes and heights of women, as well as, appearance. This movement challenges the way we, as a community react to those around us, and helps us to visualize all of our worth; to help us gain confidence. So, accomplishing Body Positivity is easier than you think, all you require is the time, and effort for you to stop thinking about what bothers you about your body.

To start, ignore and overcome any negative comments towards you. It may be difficult at first, but this helps a lot! Once you let go all the negativity, count all the incredible things you, and your body can do. These things can be things like: being great at dancing, or singing; but it doesn’t have to be limited to physical things it can be emotional things as well, like being wonderful at cheering others up. How you feel, and understand yourself is what matters, not an appearance.

Another huge step of achieving body positivity, is by eliminating comparing yourself to others. No one is the same, and we don’t all need to be. Everyone is unique in their own amazing and beautiful ways. Just because someone looks different than you doesn’t not mean you aren’t as great as them! Everyone is marvelous, and can do anything you believe in. A huge impact on body positivity can also be from social media. There are hundreds of articles, pictures, videos, magazines, and movies portraying unrealistic body types and social standards for women. When looking at these magazines, yes the girls are pretty, but they aren’t that way naturally, they alter themselves to look that way, don’t compare yourself to them, because natural beauty and being yourself matters more than an altered portrayal of someone.

Lastly , embrace compliments! I especially struggle with this one. But, something that can help is every morning look in the mirror, when you’re fixing your hair or washing your face or whatever morning activity you do, tell yourself a compliment. It can be something like: you’re beautiful or I am incredible. Anything that you can repeat to yourself every day to get it through that you are awesome. Achieving these things will help you achieve body positivity, and help you overcome the challenges that come with it.

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