2022 Natural Life Scholarship Winner – Grace Larsen

Congratulations Grace On Being Awarded The 2022 Natural Life Scholarship!

Meet Grace

One thing that I love about Girl Talk is that “service” is a core value. When I was 8 years old I told my Mom I was going to change the world. I now run my own organization, “Confidence Through Kindness,” am an ambassador for Girl Talk and partnered with them!

How has being a Girl Talk Leader impacted you?

Being a Girl Talk Leader has impacted me in several ways. I have my own chapter through Girl Talk so I have the opportunity to lead meetings with middle school girls. This has increased my own confidence and leadership skills immensely. Along with this I have had the opportunity to be a Girl Talk Ambassador. That has taught me a lot about myself. During our monthly meetings we were asked questions that really made me get in tune with who Grace was. We also had to speak our honest opinions on how to make Girl Talk even better and more special. Through this all Ambassadors had to be organized to keep everything that we had talked/learned about in order. Being a Girl Talk leader has increased my confidence and organizational skills but most importantly it has helped me find who I truly am.

Tell Us About Your Project You Completed

My project was to get Confidence Through Kindness implemented at Upton Middle school in order to have weekly meetings. Along with this I wanted to get the girls that participated to have the opportunity to mentor instead of always being the mentee. I hosted an event for elementary schoolers where the middle school girls I worked with had an opportunity to lead and showcase what they have learned being part of Confidence Through Kindness and Girl Talk.

How has this project helped to refine and expand your leadership skills?

This project has helped my skills immensely! Not only did I lead weekly meetings but I also had to pitch my idea to a group of adults and then fight for it. This project has helped with my leadership skills but has also made me more determined to fight for what I believe in. Leading weekly meetings really helped increase my own confidence, organizational skills and speaking abilities. I created Confidence Through Kindness to make an impact on middle schools girl, but they have also made a big impact on me.