Girl Talk Honors Maddie Bradshaw as 2023 National Leader of the Year

October 4, 2023

Each year, Girl Talk honors a leader who exemplifies the Girl Talk mission and embodies our core values of leadership, authenticity, inclusion, and service. The National Leader of the Year Award and Scholarship has recognized exceptional leadership within the Girl Talk Community for nearly two decades. 

We are thrilled to announce Maddie Bradshaw as a 2023 Girl Talk National Leader of the Year. Maddie has been a Girl Talk girl since she attended her first summer camp as a 6th grader. In fact, Maddie’s dedication to Girl Talk is clear by the fact that she travels nearly 600 miles every summer to serve as a Camp Counselor. This year, she was the Camp Co-Lead Counselor alongside our other 2023 National Leader of the Year recipient, Hannah Joseph. 

Maddie serves as a Girl Talk Ambassador, demonstrating Girl Talk’s national reach and impact. In addition to working with girls through Girl Talk, she is a peer leader at her high school. She is also a star student: she received her school’s Junior Scholar Award, conferred to the student with the highest cumulative GPA from freshman through junior year. 

The Girl Talk team said, “Maddie is faithful. We’ve never met a high schooler who follows through on commitments like she does! Maddie, you are an example of dependable leadership and continue to embody our core values. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for you as you begin your next chapter in college next fall.”

“The impact Girl Talk has had on my leadership and confidence journey is indescribable. I wouldn’t be who I am today without this organization and the people in it. My first experience with Girl Talk was as a 6th grader who came to Camp… I was so nervous, and I wasn’t confident enough to think of myself as a leader. I stayed involved with Girl Talk after that, and this organization empowered me to not only think of myself as a leader, but give me countless opportunities to grow and practice my leadership skills. I was placed into situations outside my comfort zone, and I learned more about myself and the type of leader I am. For example, I have become a much more confident public speaker, even participating in summits and podcasts. Girl Talk has truly made me into a better person, and I am so thankful.”

-Maddie Bradshaw

Congratulations, Maddie. Keep inspiring the next generation of leaders!