She Leads – With Caroline Clothiaux

Name: Caroline Clothiaux

Job Title: Senior Analyst- Enterprise Analysis, CCI

What would you tell your younger self? It’s okay to care. People may laugh or make fun of you for caring or being competitive. Just keep your eyes on your goals and don’t let others opinions cause you to hold yourself back.

How do you balance your work and personal life? Often times one has more importance, and we’re curious to know how you’ve handled the balance.  Work life balance is not a hard line in the sand. What that balance means to you is always evolving. Understanding there are times when you can work more and then times when your personal life becomes a larger priority. It’s understanding what your mental and physical boundaries are, and making sure your coworkers are aware of when and how you are balancing your schedule.

What is your favorite quote? Honesty without tact is cruelty.    As a woman it’s easy to not speak up and women in the work the place who are driven can be viewed as aggressive or mean. When dealing with anyone it’s important to keep in mind, it’s usually how you say something not what you say that causes problems