We are honored to be able recognize and give back to Girl Talk Leaders who have given so much to their Chapters and communities, and to support them in their future endeavors. Thanks to our scholarship sponsors, since 2002, we have awarded over


in scholarships to our outstanding high school Leaders!

The Give, Love, Laugh Scholarship was created by Natural Life and Girl Talk to encourage high school Girl Talk Leaders to live a passionate and fulfilling life by creating and executing a community service project which effects positive change around them. This scholarship embodies the spirit of both Natural Life and Girl Talk and our shared desire to inspire girls to help make the world a better place. 

Natural Life and Girl Talk award one (1) applicant a $2,500 cash scholarship to aid with her college career! Additionally, five (5) chosen Leaders receive $200 worth of inspiring Natural Life treasures for their college room!  

Application Cycle Opens: TBA

Deadline to Apply: TBA

Winners Notified By: TBA

You must be a high school junior or senior, a current Girl Talk Leader,and have led and completed your community service project before the application deadline to apply.

National Girl Talk Leader of the Year Award & Scholarship

Girl Talk is fortunate to have hundreds of dedicated high school Leaders around the country who are making a difference in the lives of thousands of middle school girls every day. To honor these young women, Girl Talk has created the National Girl Talk Leader of the Year Award. This award is given each spring to a Girl Talk Leader who best exemplifies the mission and values of Girl Talk. 

Application Cycle Opens: TBA

Deadline to Apply: TBA

Ron Bell Family Foundation Inspirational Leader Award

Ron Bell demonstrated unwavering support of Girl Talk.  As a tribute to Ron's positive influence on thousands of Girl Talk Girls, this award is presented to a Teen Advisory Board member who has inspired others through her leadership, her mentoring, and her community service.

Meet Our 2017 Scholarship Recipients!

girl talk girls taking a photo

Jathusha Mahenthirarajan

National Leader of the Year 2017

During my middle school years, I had a tough time navigating mental health issues, friendship drama, bullying, and building self-confidence…Years later, when my sister entered middle school and I saw her go through similar issues, I knew something had to be done…I founded the Richmond Hill Girl Talk chapter in November 2015 with the desire to empower girls with an inclusive, sustainable solution to the issues they were facing…I was so proud to see our mentees explore, challenge and take action against issues such as body shaming, racism, hyper-sexualization, abusive relationships, and peer pressure."

Scholarships Jatusha Mahenthirarajan My Girl Talk
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Katie Pleiss

Natural Life Give, Love, Laugh Scholarship 2017

“I saw girls who were once shy radiate confidence, and all they really needed was love and support. I quickly realized that I needed to recreate this in my school. Girl Talk camp helped me discover a passion I had for helping girls gain the confidence they deserve.”

Scholarships Kathleen Pleiss My Girl Talk
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Darya Khani

Ron Bell Inspirational Leader Award 2017

“As I reflect on my Girl Talk journey, I finally realized who I am and what I stand for. I realized that I am lucky enough to be different, so I shouldn’t change myself. I am a proud Iranian girl with strong dark genes that stand out in a crowd!...Girl Talk brought the best out in me. It made me become conscious of the value of my diversity and the worth of my word. I hope to help every girl realize the beaming light that lives inside them and their individual beauty.”

Darya Khani Scholarships My Girl Talk
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Hanna Meyers

Ron Bell Inspirational Leader Award 2017

“Before Girl Talk, I let my introversion consume me because I had no idea a ‘quiet leader’ could exist. I relied heavily on my peers to be the first to speak up or to take action. Now, I know a quiet leader is exactly who I am, and through Girl Talk, I found a balance between using my voice and letting others use theirs. But the most fulfilling of all, I am discovering opportunities every day to encourage others to find their balance as well.”

Scholarships Hanna Meyers My Girl Talk