Senior Year: Where Did the Time Go?

by Sydney Bartels, Girl Talk Ambassador

When I first arrived in high school, I never anticipated that it would just disappear so quickly. Like most teens who watched High School Musical, we all expected it to be fun and games, and have random bursts of song (which, I mean, has happened at my school, with my crazy group of friends), but high school was nothing I had expected it to be.

I figured I would be shy, just along for the ride. But reality hit me…and high school was totally re-defined for me. Yes, it’s true not all friendships last, but you end up finding better, stronger ones, instead. Arriving at high school was the best thing that happened to me the last four years, because I met my current best friend. Together, I have been able to have those spontaneous adventures, crazy spur-of-the-moment events, and enjoy my high school career. So many people say, “High School… the best four years of your life ,” it truly is. You just have to embrace change, the new people, new views, and friendships, and most importantly get involved!

Getting involved, to me, is crucial because not only do you meet new people, but I have been able to see my school in various aspects and understand the way things work for the school. I have been shown this by several clubs such as: National Honors Society, where I served as a Public Relations officer; Theatre, where I served as Historian; Future Farmers of America, and so many more.

But now, here I am, senior year: less than a month away from graduating, and I am looking back at all the incredible times I have had throughout schooling. At my high school, most of the students have known each other since preschool or kindergarten which is totally crazy! Especially to think of leaving all of these relationships behind.

My advice to you, reader, is take every opportunity given to you but never take on more than you can handle. I know this all too well! I was involved in various projects, programs, and extracurriculars and it had become hard to keep track of what I had going on each week. After all you will have fun while doing it!

Another thing I suggest , is never procrastinate… but at the same time, do! What I mean is, if you have so much homework but something more fun comes up, don’t be afraid to put it off to have that experience, because, after all, your mental health is much more important than homework.

So basically live your life, have fun, don’t be afraid to try new things, and explore; that’s what we were born to do! Mostly importantly, have fun! Don’t let anyone or anything stop you from achieving your goals, and be proud of how far you’ve come.