We’ve all been there: it’s 1AM, and you’re still scrambling to finish the last items on your to-do list which include finishing your biology lab, studying for that impossible math test, and finalizing your Friday night plans. By the time your head hits the pillow, it seems as if the alarm clock is already blaring in your ear. So there you are, trudging to your class, yawning and shuffling your feet in sweats. Is it worth it?
School itself is a blessing.  Although it’s not going to indefinitely define every single tiny detail and aspect of your future, education is important and it’s something that you should always be grateful for. Many girls around the world don’t even have access to the kind of learning opportunities that are readily available to citizens of the United States of America. That being said, learning how to balance school is a whole other challenge to tackle. 
There is a fine line between working hard, and working overtime. If the cost of being the “perfect student” means coming home feeling exhausted and defeated every single day, then you might want to rethink your routine.  Even now, as I am moving into my last year of high school, I have to find the right balance of grades, sleep, and things I do for me. A lot of times, we can get lost in the robotic day-to-day tasks, and doing something for myself is easily forgotten. 
This small act of self-love can be anything from packing an extra cookie in your lunch to scheduling in a hot bath when you get home from school (scented candles included). It can also mean getting further involved in a sport or club that you’re passionate about. Taking an hour of your time to relax will increase your productivity and focus later so that you can really get things done. 
If you’ve ever paid attention to the safety information cards on airplanes, you know that in case of emergency, you are advised to help yourself first and foremost before helping others. If your health and safety is in jeopardy, how are you supposed to follow the rest of the instructions? The same applies to school, you have to support yourself before trying to tackle anything else. You should prioritize yourself, and figure out the best game plan for you to be happy, productive and managing your stress level well – all at the same time. As someone who is currently still struggling to do this, I can tell you it’s not easy, but it’s definitely rewarding. So go forth and conquer school, but don’t forget to stop and grab some bubble baths along the way…you deserve it!
School & Bubble Baths | Find The Right Balance | Girl Talk, Inc. 
Lots of Love,
Raina Gars
Senior, Pope High School – Marietta, GA
Teen Advisory Board Member
Girl Talk is a peer-to-peer mentoring program that pairs middle school girls with high school girls who serve as mentors. Our mission is to see confident girls to grow up to be confident women who are strong leaders and are passionate about giving back to their community.

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