Meet our Founder, Haley Kilpatrick!

“Your greatest pain point, your valley moments, are actually preparing you for your mountain top. Those things that frustrate you are linked to your passion. It’s the things that hit you in the core. Why am I going to wait for someone to do something about it? I am that someone.”

– Haley Kilpatrick

Questions Covered In This Episode

Why was Girl Talk started?

What does every girl having no barrier to leadership mean to you?

Who inspire you or what inspires you?

What would you tell your teenage self?

Girl Talk Lessons That Go With This Episode

Find the lessons recommended below in Girl Talk Connection! The questions are part of the takeaway in each lesson! They are great to get you thinking so that you can take better action after listening to this podcast episode.

The Future Is Female

How can you inspire the next generation to know
and understand that women are equal and can do
anything they set their minds to?

Being A Leader

How can you use your skills to be a leader and
make a difference?

Be The Solution

What are some problems you have seen at school that you would like to make better?

Chapter Tip!

Your Girl Talk Chapter can listen to this episode together then go through the questions below.