Love The Skin You’re In

By: Arya D

Acne is probably one of our biggest insecurities these days. At least I know it’s one of mine. I mean, let’s face it; most of us are teenagers with fluctuating hormone levels who are under a lot of stress with school, sports, clubs, family and maintaining a social life. Acne is just the cherry on top of it all!

I have been dealing with acne for quite some time now. Once you think it’s gone, it might come back a few days later. Over the years, acne has definitely affected my confidence. For a while I wouldn’t even go to school without some makeup on because of how insecure it made me; I would look at it and instantly get sad. It’s especially hard when you’re surrounded by people who have clear skin – that doesn’t help your confidence at all. Amidst all that, it is important to remember that acne shouldn’t define you, nor should it prevent you from feeling beautiful. No, my acne has not completely gone away but it has improved and I can go to school without makeup on now. Of course I get the occasional breakout, and when I see my skin in that state, I try to be grateful that for the most part, it is much better. For many people, getting rid of acne is a gradual, slow process that won’t happen overnight. You have to remind yourself that it is what’s on the inside is that matters, not your appearance and to stay confident in your own skin!