Julie Campbell: a woman making history!

Julie Campbell: a woman making history!
It is Women’s History Month and we have been thinking a lot about women who are currently making history! There are so many women heroes hiding in the shadows and doing the work to effect positive change in all industries.
We caught up with Julie Campbell, Vice President of Marketing at Astral Health & Beauty. She has been with the company for almost 12 years. Astral is the parent company to PÜR, COSMEDIX and Aloette – three beauty brands with a commitment to customers that goes deeper than surface level! Julie is amazing and we are so excited to let you in on some of her wisdom. Read on, girl! 
What is the best advice you have ever received?
Be kind. Lead with your heart. Never give up. 
In your opinion, what qualities make a great leader?
In my opinion, there are many characteristics that make a great leader but there are three key traits that I believe have helped me flourish: 1) Focus, 2) Passion, 3) A desire to see others succeed.  
Focus: The path to great things can be tough. My work days can be long where I feel like a rubber band being pulled and stretched in so many directions. Keeping a sharp, clear focus on the most important tasks at hand is essential.    
Passion: I am a passionate leader where I promise to walk the talk and stay committed despite setbacks. I have a true desire to serve others and find tremendous satisfaction in doing the best work possible. 
A desire to see others succeed: I can truly say that my most lasting and fulfilling achievements are earned by seeing others fulfill their goals.
What challenges or obstacles have you had to overcome to make it to where you are today? 
In thinking about my career, I have faced more setbacks and obstacles than I ever thought imaginable. However, the single biggest challenge has been nothing but myself. Often striving for perfection, I am my worst enemy. It’s taken me years to learn how to overcome self-defeating behavior and today I try to live by a few key mottos:
Just do it. Jump in and once the momentum starts, there’s no stopping what you can do.
Fail fast. Failure is inevitable, but the key is to recognize your failure quick enough to stop the loss and correct the course of action.
Build a pipeline. Absolutely nothing lasts forever: No client, no project, no service agreement, no fame, fortune or trend. Make sure you have a constant flow of sales leads, ideas, innovations and relationships to help get you to where you’d like to go. And when you slip, and slide backward, it will be for just a moment because you have that network and team that will help you climb back.
How are currently giving back to the next generation of women leaders? 
As a member of the executive team at Astral Health & Beauty I work closely with our brand leaders, all women, to offer ideas and solutions to everyday situations. The constant flow of communication helps to develop confident, successful women. I am also a participant in the Cosmetic Executive Women mentor program where I have the unique opportunity to provide mentoring in a structured way to women in the health & beauty industry.
What do you wish people knew about the good work being done by Astral Health & Beauty? 
At the core of Astral Health & Beauty is our ability to offer superior skincare and makeup products that help make life a little bit better for men and women around the globe. I have personally seen transformative results with our products. Whether we are correcting debilitating skin conditions, providing an outlet for self-expression or offering a fulfilling career opportunity, Astral is at the core of people’s lives.  
Why are you passionate about the work you do? 
As a mom of two teenage daughters, I am so honored to be able to be a role model to my girls. Contributing financially to the family, while helping myself professionally with a job I love, has helped my girls grow up to be strong, independent women. 
I am also proud to work for a progressive beauty company that has thrown out the traditional philosophies of perfection. If we can help young girls celebrate one another, embrace diversity, and applaud unique and different looks, then we have succeeded.  
In your eyes, what is true beauty? 
A true beauty has zero to do with looks and 100% everything to do with attitude. My definition of a true beauty is someone that: 
– Glows from within 
– Sticks to her values
– Acts with kindness and goodness
– Never, ever gives up
Many thanks to Julie Campbell for these fabulous nuggets of wisdom! We hope you are inspired and energized – because just like Julie, you too can be a woman making history. 

To learn more about the Astral Health & Beauty family of brands, visit www.astralbrands.com!

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