Instagram and your heart

Social media. 


We all love it! It is a great place to celebrate, make announcements, keep your loved ones in the loop and express your inner creativity and uniqueness. And let’s be honest, we can’t really live without it…


But don’t we also all kinda despise it sometimes? I know I do. 


There’s that one girl that you follow. She’s “literally perfect.” She has the perfect hair, the perfect body, the perfect life… or so you think. And there’s that girl in your grade who gets over 150 likes on every. single. post. Maybe you are that girl with over 2000 followers. Or maybe you’re the girl who gets excited when your post breaks 20 likes. Either way, social media can be equally amazing and dangerous. I don’t know about you, but for me it is an outlet full of joy, sadness, excitement, despair, and celebration… so many emotions. All at once. 


How many times has the daily scroll left you feeling sad, left out, less than or not _____ enough? Let me tell you, these feelings creep in and plague my heart almost every day. And usually, the bad feelings outweigh the good… 


I checked in with some of our Girl Talk Leaders to see what advice they have to offer concerning social media and taking care of your heart.


Raina Gars, Girl Talk Teen Advisory Board member, advised “If you post, be PROUD of it!”


“If you compare, you despair. Social media can be a platform for comparison that can either lift you up or bring you down, but either way… it just matters what you think of yourself! There have been several times when I have completely deleted social media off of my phone, because living life outside of appearance and judgement is such a more fulfilling way to live.” Raina said if Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter are causing you more stress than happiness, it might be a good idea to walk away for awhile. Remember, you only deserve to surround yourself with things that bring you joy. “Revolve around the things that evolve you”. 


Tessa Brooks, Leader at Simpson Girl Talk: 


“One year at a pageant the final question was our opinion on the topic of social media. Many girls said social media is good because it makes others feel good when their pictures are liked. However, in my experience, I haven’t really felt that.


I have been on Instagram since it’s early ages. I have only recently, after over 5 years, gotten the occasional comment on a post. Meanwhile, my friends had so many more followers who liked and commented on all of their pictures. It made me feel like maybe I wasn’t pretty enough, or like there was something wrong with me. But later on I realized something very important…


However many likes or comments you get doesn’t matter. What matters is that you love yourself. What matters is that you can say “OML 😍” to yourself. That you can look in the mirror and see you for you, for the beautiful you that you are.”


Macon Shackelford, Leader at Strong Rock Christian School Girl Talk, warned about the dangers of comparing comments and compliments. Comments like “You are such a babe!” only recognize someone’s appearance. If a girl has a pretty heart and values the quality of her character, she is GORGEOUS! “Beauty fades but a pretty heart and a sweet spirit last forever. Personally, I value compliments on my character much more than those on my appearance. As long as you are confident in who you are, there is no reason to be embarrassed about meaningless comments (or a lack of comments) on social media.”


Sweet girl, YOU are amazing. You are gorgeous. You are special and smart and kind and creative and unique. You’re sweet and precious. You are a babe. You give me heart eyes for dayyyys! You are #goals. 


So the next time your Instagram feed gets you down, remember those truths. Remember who you are. Protect your heart with self-love and the confidence that you are incredible because you are you!


You are gorgeous and no number of likes, comments, shares or regrams can measure your radiance. 




Makenzie & The Girl Talk Team  

Girl Talk is a peer-to-peer mentoring program that pairs middle school girls with high school girls who serve as mentors. Our mission is to see confident girls to grow up to be confident women who are strong leaders and are passionate about giving back to their community.