How Girl Talk Helped Me Through My Move

By: Kendall Lipcon

I have been a part of Girl Talk since I was in 4th grade….I’m a junior in high school now. Through the years, I have been a camper, counselor, Teen Advisory Board member, and now Ambassador. This past year, my life flipped upside down. I had lived in Georgia for 14 of my 17 years of life , then all of a sudden I was told I had to leave everything I knew. So that summer I had to say bye to all my best friends and the saddest part was that I had to leave the sole organization that made me the person I am today. Girl Talk helped me become a person that can make friends that I know will love and support me, to be a friend that loves and supports others, and most importantly to be confident in myself.

I moved in July of 2018 to a place where nobody knew me and i knew nobody. Throughout my life in Georgia, I had always dealt with anxiety. I had this little nametag that followed me around that said “anxiety and drama queen” . It followed me through every school and every grade I was in. When I moved,  I had the chance to completely go in with a blank state and be the girl that didn’t have that name tag that always followed me. I was so worried about making new friends. Then I realized through the seven years that I have been a part of Girl Talk I have learned to be the absolute best version of myself.

I was able to go to this new school with confidence in who I truly was and begin my new life. Girl Talk has taught me how to be confident no matter the circumstances. I have always tried to hide the real me. I tried to fit in with the people that I always wanted to be friends with and I even did it at my old school. This year I had the courage to go in and be 100% me. It was the best decision I could have made. Granted, it took a little longer than I would have hoped to make connections and make friends, but it happened and I was thrilled. I honestly wouldn’t know where I would be in this move if I wasn’t a Girl Talk Girl.

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