Celebrate Latinx Heritage Month With Vanessa Alva

“I don’t think we should waste our time proving to people why we’re not the way that they think we are. I think that we should just spend more time finding the things about our culture that we love.”

– Vanessa Alva

Questions Covered In This Episode

What is Hispanic Heritage Month?

Why should people celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month?

How should people celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month?

Could you speak on your heritage in your home country and your heritage here?

Can you define what Hispanic means?

What is your favorite Mexican tradition?

Who is your favorite Mexican historical figure?

Why do you take so much pride in being Mexican?

What makes you proud to be Latinx?

Girl Talk Lesson That Go With This Episode

Cultures And Traditions

How can we learn to celebrate cultural differences?

Podcast and lessons combined will create a successful Chapter meeting!

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