Ambassador Advice On Wellness

Ambassador Advice On Wellness | Girl Talk Podcast | Girl Talk

“Asking for help means that you have taken the time to notice that something feels different and that you care enough about yourself to get help.”

Melissa Henriques 

Questions Covered In This Episode

What are the mental benefits of exercise?

How does lack of sleep affect your physical and mental health?

How are sleep and anxiety related? 

What brings you joy?

What can I let go of that does not make me happy?

Have you ever had to let something go in order to be less stressed or to focus on something that was more important?

How did that happen and how did you feel after letting it go?

Why is it important to talk to a trusted adult if you are worried about the way you are feeling?

What would stand in the way of you going to a trusted adult?

Girl Talk Lessons That Go With This Episode

Letting Go

Move Your Body

Asking For Help

Everyone Needs Sleep

The Challenge

Write down a list of things you need to let go and then choose which one to focus on. Journal about this!

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