Ambassador Advice On Empowerment

“I think it’s important to empower yourself so that you can empower others because you can’t give if you don’t have anything. I think it’s important that you are constantly talking positive to yourself because when you put yourself down you can’t bring others up.”

Maddie, Ambassador

Questions Covered In This Episode

How can we use our voices to empower ourselves and others?
How can we remember to celebrate other people’s successes?
Why is it important to be able to empower other people?
How can we lift others up without putting ourselves down?
How can we fail with a positive mindset?

The Challenge

Look for opportunities to empower people in your lives, reflect on your experiences, and share how it felt to empower others with a friend or trusted adult.

Girl Talk Lessons That Go With This Episode

Find the lessons recommended below in Girl Talk Connection! The questions are part of the takeaway in each lesson! They are great to get you thinking so that you can take better action after listening to this podcast episode.

Empowering Each Other


Podcast and lessons combined will create a successful Chapter meeting!

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