Natural Life Scholarship Winner – Grace Quinn

Congratulations Grace Quinn On Winning The Natural Life Scholarship!

Learn A Little Bit About Grace :

My name is Grace Quinn and I am the Vice President of LEAD, a chapter of Girl Talk in Massachusetts that three of my friends and I created in 2019. I became a Girl Talk Ambassador this year and have had such an amazing time meeting everyone and working together!

How has being a Girl Talk Leader impacted you?

Being a Girl Talk leader has not only expanded my leadership skills, but has also kept me motivated, inspired, and empowered. High school can be stressful and the workload can oftentimes be overwhelming. With so much pressure and stress, there are times when I start to lack motivation or overthink everything and lose confidence. But, being a Girl Talk leader keeps me empowered and connected to others. By seeing my local chapter, meeting with the other ambassadors, listening to the Girl Talk podcast, and reading text messages from Girl Talk HQ, I am constantly inspired to be the best version of myself. Every day I am reminded of the amazing community that I get to be a part of which makes me feel uplifted and ready to take on whatever challenges come my way.

Tell Us About Your Project You Completed :

The main goal of this project was to raise as much money as possible for non-profit organizations that increase access to art education for all. My goal was to donate $250 to the VSA: International Organization on Arts and Disability and $200 to Open Door Arts (formerly known as VSA Massachusetts). Fortunately, I was able to reach both of these goals! These organizations are committed to increasing access to the arts for people with disabilities and I hope that this money can help these non-profits further accomplish their goals.

How has this project helped to refine and expand your leadership skills?

This project helped to refine my leadership skills by pushing me to come up with creative, innovative ways to make a difference and positively impact my community. Due to COVID and quarantine, it seemed that there would be no way for me to organize a community service project because I could not gather with large groups of people. But even under strict guidelines, I knew that there must be a unique way for me to still give back to my community. Being forced to think in new ways helped me become a more innovative leader. Now at our Girl Talk meetings and in other aspects of my life, I feel more comfortable taking new approaches and coming up with new ideas.

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