How To See Your Value & Fight Imposter Syndrome

“Imposter syndrome really comes out when we feel down and compare ourselves to other people. Stop comparing yourself to others.”

Deesha Dyer

Questions Covered In This Episode

Tell us more about you as an individual?

How to not let age stop you from using your voice? 

How can you combat imposter syndrome?

Girl Talk Lessons That Go With This Episode

Find the lessons recommended below in Girl Talk Connection! The questions are part of the takeaway in each lesson! They are great to get you thinking so that you can take better action after listening to this podcast episode.

Empowering Each Other

Talk about an opportunity you had to empower another person. How did the other person respond? How did it make you feel to empower someone else?

Being A Leader

How can you use your skills to be a leader and make a difference? 

Role Models

How can you be a positive role model?

Podcast and lessons combined will create a successful Chapter meeting!

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