Meet Girl Talk’s 2020 Natural Life Give, Love, Laugh Scholarship Winner!

We are honored to announce that Chloe Koperek has been named Girl Talk’s 2020 Natural Life Give, Love, Laugh Winner! Chloe started Girl Talk TV in Temecula, CA, and we are so proud of all she has accomplished. 

“Girl Talk has opened my leadership experience up to a mentor style of leading. Leading a group of younger females requires different attitude than would leading group of my peers. It has exposed me to the relationship between mentor and mentee. Girl Talk has taught me how to adapt to new strategies, and skills such as patience, optimism and listening. I have learned that young girls want reassurance and want to be heard.”

From November to May, Chloe organized and orchestrated a service project in her community and told us all about it: 

“Our project was to serve the 100 homeless families that go to school in TVUSD. TVUSD considers homeless by dentition individuals who lack a fixed, regular or adequate nighttime residence. For example living in cars, motels, camp grounds or in shelters. Our project was making fleece blankets, collecting hygiene kits and canned food. At the December meeting we made fleece blankets and wrapped them with a note and candy canes as we discussed social awareness and the benefits of community service. We partnered with the students in the credit recovery program to collect hygiene kits. These at risk students, some homeless themselves, need service hours to graduate. Finally, we collected canned food through drives at the middle, high and continuation schools to restock the local food pantry after the holidays. This will be an ongoing effort until our last May meeting. The club made 2 videos to be shown at school on the morning announcements soliciting donations for blankets and food and giving service hours to all who participate.

We asked Chloe what she enjoyed most about the service project.

My favorite part of this project was making the fleece blankets and talking with the girls about my passions for service and hearing about theirs. It was the connections that were formed based on a common goal. 

So far, Girl Talk Temecula Valley has given the Temecula Help Center over 40 fleece blankets, 100 hygiene kits and 180 pounds of food.