Ron Bell Family Foundation Inspirational Leader Award Winner – Kirti Madhu

Congratulations Kirti Madhu On Winning The Ron Bell Family Foundation Inspirational Leader Award!

How has being an Ambassador enhanced your Girl Talk experience?

I have only been a leader for Girl Talk but being an ambassador has really improved my experience. By
being an ambassador I have been able to meet other leaders and learn more from them. I have also
been able to make so many new connections and people that I can talk to no matter what.

Choose one of our core values and describe how it has impacted your Girl Talk Experience.
(Leadership, Authenticity, Inclusion, and Service)

Inclusion is such an important core value. As a person of color, I have always found it hard to nd a
place where I can feel accepted and included at all times. Being part of Girl Talk has finally given me a
space where I feel included and I can also share my experiences. Girl Talk has given me a place where I
can feel heard.

What leadership skills have you learned or refined through Girl Talk?

I have refined my listening skills through Girl Talk. I have been able to understand how impactful it is to
just be there for people and listen to what they say instead of overpowering the conversation with my
opinion. Through my three years as a part of Girl Talk I have been able to see how different I approach
talking to others and much more I am open to listening.