She Leads – With Mandy Lattimore

Name: Mandy Lattimore

Job Title: Sr. Client Solutions Executive, CAI

What would you tell your younger self? I would tell my younger self that it’s ok to try something new and fail. The experience you get from going outside of your comfort zone is worth it even if you’re not successful. If you don’t try something new or different you’ll never know if you are good at it or not. Don’t let the fear of failure keep you from succeeding in something new.

What was your inspiration and what helped you become successful? How do you define success? I have several inspirations for success. My first inspiration was my Mom, she was a top professional in a male dominated field that constantly strived to be the best and never settled for 2nd place. The desire to provide a comfortable lifestyle for my family also inspires me to be successful. Success to me is to accomplish goals both personal and professional. To be a top performer in my field also shows success. Achieving the seemingly impossible tasks and being the best all while enjoying the job is also a definition of success for me.

What’s your favorite part of your job and why? My favorite part of my job is to find solutions to clients’ problems creating a more successful business.

What advice do you want to give the next generation of women leaders? Be bold. Be fearless. Strive to be the absolute best version of yourself in everything you do. You are capable of doing the impossible if you believe in yourself.

What’s your favorite ice cream? Ben & Jerry’s – Milk & Cookies