She Leads – With Jonathan Legg

Name: Jonathan Legg

Job Title: Senior Client Solutions Executive, CAI

What would you tell your younger self? Believe in yourself.

What was your major in college? Business Management. I took a position in building materials sales in the 1990’s that gave me the confidence in my selling ability.

How do you balance your work and personal life? Often times one has more importance, and we’re curious to know how you’ve handled the balance. Family is very important. If you have a good home life then you will actually be a better worker. I learned how to work smarter instead of working myself to an early death.

What’s your favorite part of your job and why? Helping my clients be successful because I have opened their eyes to better ways to conduct their business.

What advice do you want to give the next generation of women leaders? Know your strengths and use them wisely.

What’s your favorite ice cream? Butter pecans!