She Leads – With Audrey Stanfill

Name: Audrey Stanfill

Job Title: Client Services Coordinator 1, CAI

What would you tell your younger self? The way to the top, is to get off your bottom

What was your major in college and how did you get to the position you are in today? My main focus in college was communications. After a lot of hard work and familiarizing myself in the auto industry, I was given the opportunity to join the Cox team, and I am grateful.

What was your inspiration and what helped you become successful? How do you define success? Determination. Get your eye on the prize and don’t stop till it is yours. My idea of being successful is working for a company that you can be proud of, a company that you respect, and that in return respects you and the work you do for them.

What is your favorite quote? Its harder to do the right thing. Good things never come easy.

What is your favorite hobby? I love camping and hacky sac. I am also very crafty when I have free time.

What’s your favorite ice cream? Chocolate chip mint