Service Projects

by Sydney Bartels, Girl Talk Ambassador

Service is defined as the action of helping or doing work for someone or a system supplying public need. Service is something that serves the public in an assisting manner, and serves a good purpose. The definition of service not only explains it as an action to help others, but as an action that differs in various ways to influence and assist the community.

I have been involved in various incredible projects throughout my community, particularly in Girl Talk. Girl Talk has been a blessing to witness middle school girls grow into independent intellectuals over a course of a few months. This area of service is important to me due to the fact how closely I am able to impact the lives of others. In particular, this program empowers the young girl leaders to step up and explore new friendships, opportunities and experiences.

One example of how to get creative! This year, I helped paint inspirational messages on my school’s bathroom stall doors to spread positivity to our community!

Throughout the globe, service is widely used to assist others and build the community up. In a way, service brings the community together and creates new bonds that may have not been there before. Serving your community provides you and your peers with a voice to change and develop new ideas and skills, for a better future for all citizens. There are various creative ways to get involved and help others, for example: helping at the local animal shelter or even volunteering at a preschool. Any kind of involvement impacts the youth and adults of the community, and can inspire them as well to make a difference.

Get creative! There are always so many opportunities to lead and serve your community.