Self Esteem: Practice Makes Progress

By: Kelsey Sullivan

Throughout my whole life, I’ve had to learn a lot about loving myself. I am very different than most girls because of my physical ability. I have been made fun of because my side and my weight and my walking ability. There are countless times that I have had to remind myself that  I am beautiful just the way I am. 

When I was really little, I had a lot of difficulties. When I was born, I had to have a few surgeries on my left eye. I also can’t walk as well and because of that people sometimes look at me differently if they don’t know my full story. I can’t use my left hand as well as I  can with my right because I have something called Left Hemiparesis. When I walk, my left arm tends to move up and I can’t relax it as easily. 

When I would go to school, people asked me why I walk like how I do and I tell them that I was injured when I was a baby. I did do a lot of therapy to help me get to a place where I don’t have to ask my mom to help me with everything!! 

There’s one thing that has really helped me to listen to the truth. If you know of some type of genre of music that encourages you, listen to that all the time! You also could write down on a notecard a lie that you believe about yourself and then on the other side you could write down what’s true. There’s no limit on what you believe and you just have to think the positive even when your head wants to go to the negative. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, NO MATTER WHAT ANYBODY SAYS!!!!!