Role Models Leading the Way

There are many ways that you can serve as a positive and helpful role model in your everyday lives. But first you may be wondering what exactly is a role model, how do they act, and why are they important? Those are all great questions that can be answered in lots of ways.

What is a role model? 

The dictionary definition is “a person looked to by others as an example to be imitated”.  Which means that ALL of us are role models in big and small ways every day. 

How do they act? 

Positive role models can do lots of things, both big and small, quiet and loud – this can be different for everyone.  Think about 3 positive role models in your life….now think about or write down how they are positive role models….did they have to work at it? Are the characteristics easy to come by? Were the obstacles they overcame super easy? Probably not! So being a positive role model can be really hard and something you have to work at every day.  And being honest there may be a day that you make a mistake and that is OKAY! It is about how you overcome and learn from those mistakes as well. Striving to be a positive role model is daily work, but through doing small things every day and working up to larger things you will not only see a big impact in others, but you will see an impact in yourself as well.

Why are they important? 

Well, we are all important!  But being a positive role model is important in lots of ways – you will help lift others up and empower them to do the same as you, feel better and gain confidence in yourself so you can do more in the future, and provide a ripple effect of positive change.

“Each day, we’re given an opportunity to be a role model. The choices we make change so much more than just our own lives.”  If you feel that maybe you are sometimes a not-so-great role model, that’s okay, at any time you can make the decision to up your game and see how much positivity you can spread.

We have two challenges for you:

1. Share with us who is a positive role model for you and one characteristic you admire in them – make sure to tag Girl Talk (@GirlTalkInc) and your role model.

2. Over this next week find one way to be a positive role model and share with us what you did and how it made you feel – again make sure to tag us (@GirlTalkInc).

We can’t wait to see how powerful each of you can be!