National Mentoring Month

By: Jessica Rao

National Mentoring Month was founded in 2002 by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership. Celebrated each January, it both reminds us to appreciate the mentors in our lives and to encourage others to become mentors.

Young people need mentors to help guide them through problems and to inspire them to be leaders. Without mentors, many young people find themselves feeling lost and incapable of achieving their goals. However, those who have a mentor are given the support that they need to succeed in life.

Here at Girl Talk, we recognize the importance of mentoring. We provide young girls with a place where they are unconditionally loved, both by their fellow middle school peers and by their high school mentors.

Girl Talk supports National Mentoring Month because we’ve seen the impact that mentoring has on young people.

  • 97% of girls feel confident in their ability to lead and empower others after attending Girl Talk camp
  • 96% of girls learned how to use social media to spread positivity
  • 91% of girls learned new leadership skills they can use anywhere

You may not realize it, but you can support National Mentoring Month too! It’s easy!

1. Celebrate both National Mentoring Month as a whole, and the individual days within the month

  • –  January 8th 2020: I Am a Mentor Day:​ this is a day for people who are already mentors to reflect on the positive experience they’ve had as mentors and how they have impacted their mentees’ lives
  • –  January 17th 2020: International Mentoring Day:​ this is a day to share mentoring stories and tell people about the importance of mentoring
  • –  January 30th 2020: #ThankYourMentor Day​: this is a day to thank your mentor for everything they’ve done for you. Post on social media throughout the month to spread the word about the importance of mentoring

2. If you’re already a mentor, encourage other people you know to become mentors too! Share positive experiences.

3. Post on social media throughout the month to spread the word about the importance of mentoring. Use the hashtags: #MentoringMonth, #MentorIRL, and #ThankYourMentor

4. Tag @girltalkinc in your posts!

5. Help support your younger siblings

6. Start a Girl Talk chapter: