Natalie Clark Tribute

Girl Talk honors the memory of Natalie Clark. Natalie brought such an amazing energy to all she did. She was a passionate leader, who showed our community that you could lead and serve as a role model, all while having fun too.

Natalie said it best when she served as a Camp Counselor with Girl Talk in high school: “I put forth enormous amounts of effort to help my friends, family and community. I am constantly creating music and poetry and all sorts of things in order to pursue my passions and give back to the people that put me where I am today. I always strive to make a difference everywhere I go whether it be a small hello to make someone’s day just a little bit brighter or raising hundreds of dollars for charity. Lastly, I accept everyone with unconditional love and I always manage to find the best in people and I think young girls could learn from this. I want to touch as many hearts as possible and try to be that role model that changes a young girl’s life.” – Natalie Clark

Natalie reached this goal over and over again by mentoring hundreds of girls at Girl Talk and changing their lives for the better every time. We feel privileged and honored that we got to know such a beautiful person on the inside and out. She will be deeply missed always.

Our community has been sharing their love for Natalie with us, so we wanted to share some of their love & memories with you today:

“Natalie was one of those people that made whoever she was talking to feel like the center of the universe. She always had a smile or a listening ear when you needed it and a distraction when you didn’t. Natalie loved everybody with everything that she had.”
– Macon Chiles

“I loved how Natalie was always just herself. She made everyone feel welcomed and was there for her friends.”
– Emerson Shuster

“Growing up in Girl Talk with Natalie was such a privilege. Even though we were the same age, I still looked up to her every day — she loved the campers, counselors and leaders unconditionally, and they all loved her back tenfold. And we loved her because we knew she was such a fighter. Her vulnerability and kindness and fearless leadership was so inspirational, and she was always such a joy to be around. I knew she made a difference in those girls’ lives because in the few years I was lucky to know her, she made a difference in mine. Natalie will always be part of the Girl Talk family, and I am so grateful for the time we shared together.”
– Hanna Meyers

“Natalie made everything better. Her authenticity, her ability to love, and her leadership style all paved the way for countless middle schools girls to follow in her footsteps. She is and always will be such a special part of the Girl Talk story and mission.”
– Haley Kilpatrick (Girl Talk Founder)