Meet The Founder Of Girl, Get After It!

To me the most important thing about living a healthy and well life is who you surround yourself with.

Cass Wendell

Questions Covered In This Episode

We have been inspired by your personal journey to creating Girl, Get After It. Would you mind sharing that journey with our girls? You took your pain and isolation and created purpose out of it.

Girl, Get After It gives back to a non-profit every quarter. Why is that important to you?

As you know wellness encompasses many things not just physical, can you share what those things are to you?

Girl Talk Lessons That Go With This Episode

Letting Go

Why is it important to let some things go?

Is it possible to let go of unhealthy friendships or relationships? How do you do this?

Have you ever had to let something go in order to be less stressed, or to focus on something more important? What happened? How did you feel after letting go?

Move Your Body

What are some different types of exercises or sports that you all do?

What are the mental benefits of exercise?

What are the physical benefits of exercise?

Asking For Help

Why is it important to talk to an adult if you are worried about the way you are feeling?

What could stand in your way of asking for help for yourself?

Everyone Needs Sleep

Why is it so important to get enough sleep at night?

How do you feel the next morning after not getting enough sleep?

If you stay up late several nights in a row, how does it impact your physical and mental health?

The Challenge

Write down a list of things you need to let go and then choose which one to focus on. Journal about this!

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