Just the Little Things – Fall Edition

Jessica R., Girl Talk Ambassador
This is a time of new beginnings. This is Autumn, better known as Fall, the season of endless colors, simply satisfying spices, and continuous feelings of coziness and comfort. There are countless things to love about these short but wonderful months of September, October, and November.

The trees dance in the howling, soaring wind, as they shed their vibrantly colored snowflakes upon the world. And all of the cerulean sky is swirling with various shades of crimson and saffron. Just take a moment, and look at all the beauty that surrounds you.

Everywhere you look, the leaves are falling from the trees, painting the sky in a truly entrancing waltz. You feel a sense of overwhelming happiness, like you’re hugging a big warm marshmallow. The weather finally starts to cool down, and the desert heat is replaced with a beautiful crispness, like a bite from a freshly picked apple. Long walks in the afternoon are the best way to spend your time. Every step you take is met with the satisfying crunch of leaves, perfect for jumping in. Road trips are an absolute must. The wind blows in your hair, and all your worries just fly away like the leaves in the sky. Every single thing you pass by looks like the prettiest painting imaginable. And now you can finally start wearing the comfiest pieces of clothing in your closet.
There’s sweaters for every shade of the rainbow, the fuzziest of all scarves, and boots so fluffy that it actually feels like you’re walking on clouds. And let’s not forget about the emergence of flannel with its wonderful intersecting stripes of sapphire and scarlet. There’s also the necessity of perfectly warm fluff-filled socks, that feel like a warm embrace from a giant adorable teddy bear. And no feeling in the world will ever compare to the feeling of bundling up under a blanket cocoon like a caterpillar beside your freshly lit pumpkin spice candle, while sipping on your steamy mug of hot chocolate, and watching your latest TV obsession.
Hot chocolate is the perfect fall weather beverage. Every sip is filled with joyful warmth and tastes like life at its finest. The sound of marshmallows plopping into a heavenly hot tub of delicious creamy goodness and the glorious white swirls of whipped cream gracefully resting on top are both wonderful additions to an already magical beverage.
All the food of Fall just tastes better. It’s filled with soothing warmth and love that protects you from the chilly outdoors. Pumpkins and apples are everywhere, and every place you go is like a scratch and sniff sticker of cinnamon goodness.
Fall also means the beginning of the holiday season. It all starts with Halloween, the day of ghouls and goblins and children and candy. It’s the one day of the year where everyone takes on a new persona and walks from house to house, getting huge piles of candy. The streets are filled with bloodthirsty vampires, dazzling princesses, and daring superheroes. Every house is decorated from top to bottom with delicate silver cobwebs, hauntingly deadly skeletons, and the iridescent glow of jack-o-lanterns. The air is filled with an eerily mysterious fog, and scary movies light up the screens in every household. Then, another month goes by, and it’s time for Thanksgiving.
All the schools close, and everyone’s stress flies away into the deliciously chilly air. The only things that matter are family and friends. There’s tables filled with food, ranging everywhere from turkey, gravy, and stuffing to mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, and pumpkin pie. Everyone watches the Thanksgiving Day Parade and eats and laughs and then eats again.
The next day will be filled with sales galore on the glorious day of Black Friday, but for now you’re just thankful to be here with so many people that love you. 
Fall is a wonderful season filled with magic and love. Take the time to appreciate all the little things around you. There are so many people and things in your life that you’re so lucky to have. I hope that you all experience the many wonders of this incredible season.
 To end where we started, “Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go”- Unknown.
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