Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! We are grateful for each and everyone of you! Check out what our Ambassadors are thankful for this year! Comment with your answers to these questions below!

Where have you been finding your joy in this chapter of life?

Caroline C : I find joy in the small yet spontaneous adventures I have with some of my friends. This coming weekend we are planning to go to a park and just paint (even though we aren’t really painters!). 

Ximena B : I find joy by making time for the things I love in life, such as baking, running, and spending time with my friends.

Maddie B : I find joy in alone time. I’m an introvert, and being with people for long periods of time can be draining. Quarantine has shown me that alone time benefits you more than you might think. It’s important to take time for yourself and decompress. It also gives you time to spend on things you’re passionate about.

What are the most important lessons you are grateful to have learned this year?

Caroline C : I have learned to better appreciate all of the small moments with friends or family or even nature. These moments allow me to fully live with the most positive attitude and hopefully impact others to see the joy that it can bring. 

Ximena B : I’m grateful that I learned about the importance of taking care of myself. In the past, I feel like I neglected my mental and physical health, but I feel better than I ever have before now that I’ve paid more attention to myself.

Maddie B : I’m grateful to have learned that everyone is going through something. It’s easy to feel alone in your struggles but in reality, most people just keep things to themselves. Learning this makes you a more empathetic and considerate leader. Sharing your struggles can also bring people closer together because it brings you out of isolation. 

How do you stay focused on gratitude throughout the year?

Caroline C : I consistently remind myself of how anything can be taken away at some point and that life can still go on, yet I become more grateful for those things. For example, my power goes out at least once every two months for a few days. While people tend to complain, I have learned that these simple things like electricity are a gift to have.  

Ximena B : It can be hard to remember to be grateful, but to make it a daily habit, I do a conscious effort to thank those around me and then think of the bigger picture of things I need to be thankful for.

Maddie B : I keep my gratitude by changing my perspective. Instead of focusing on whatever is going wrong, I try to focus on the good things. However, it sounds easier than it actually is. Negative thoughts can often occupy our minds more than positive thoughts. Negativity is an easy, but dangerous mindset to fall into. It’s important to learn from mistakes, but too much of it won’t lead anywhere good.