Happy International Day Of The Girl

To quote Beyonce, who run the world? Girls do!

What Is International Day Of The Girl?

On October 11, the world celebrates girls — specifically focusing on the challenges that girls face as well as celebrating the rights that girls have obtained. The United Nations General Assembly are the originators of this holiday; they declared international day of the girl on December 9, 2011. We celebrate this day because girls are often underrepresented, so this day provides a platform and voice for girls worldwide.

What does International Day of the Girl mean to Girl Talk?

This day perfectly aligns with Girl Talk’s mission, vision and programming. We believe in a world where all girls live confidently, lead fearlessly and support one another. Celebrating International Day of the Girl is ultimately a day to show your support for girls worldwide.

And so in what ways can you celebrate this day?

Celebrate girl empowerment! And find ways to support the girls and organizations providing voices for girls and positively impacting both their local and global communities.

Here are some activities to do on International Day of the Girl:

Learn about girls that are changing or have changed the world.

Google, research or follow Girl Talk’s social (@girltalkinc) to become aware of how girls like Greta Thunberg, Malala Yousafzai and many more are changing the world for the better. Discover the many ways that they are using their voice and taking action every day to achieve equality for girls worldwide.

Spread awareness about this day on social media
A great way you can spread awareness of this day is by posting about it on social media and say why girl empowerment is important to you. It allows people to become aware of this important day and the struggles that come from girls around the world. Don’t forget to tag Girl Talk! (@girltalkinc)

Hang out with your girl gang
A day that celebrates girls calls for a get-together! A perfect chance to have a picnic with your girls (socially distancing of course), meet virtually or just sending out texts/messages to your friends to let them know how grateful you are to have a group of empowered girls as friends.

Listen to girl empowerment music
Music has the effect of rapidly changing your mood so listening to girl empowerment music will have you feeling blissful!

Watch movies and shows that demonstrate girl empowerment
The film and television industry often portray girls using negative stereotypes. However, with a little research you can find films and shows that instead follow the right direction in portraying girls as powerful beings.