“I see difficult conversations as an opportunity, not so much a challenge, but more so an opportunity for us to see our blind spots and improve who we are and try not to repeat some of those negative behaviors.”

Dixil Francis

Questions Covered In This Episode

Dixil, you’ve been a member of the Girl Talk DEI Committee for a few months now. But you also lead D & I efforts at PwC. What sparked your passion for this kind of work? 
How can we become more aware of whether our community around us is diverse or not? What do we gain from a more diverse community?
What kind of impact do you hope to have on the next generation of women?

Girl Talk Lessons That Go With This Episode

Find the lessons recommended below in Girl Talk Connection! The questions are part of the takeaway in each lesson! They are great to get you thinking so that you can take better action after listening to this podcast episode.

Cultures and Traditions :

What are the different cultures in your area?

What are some cultural practices that you are familiar with?

How does culture influence your day-to-day life?

Respecting and Celebrating Differences

It is good to be unique! How can we make sure that we are learning about, respecting and celebrating others’ differences?

Social Justice and Equality

How do human rights influence our day-to-day lives?

Podcast and lessons combined will create a successful Chapter meeting!

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