A Few Ways To Empower Others

Being able to identify opportunities to uplift & inspire another person is important when empowering others. Check out our list to get started.

1. Celebrate someone’s accomplishment. Has anyone you know accomplished something recently? Celebrate them – write a comment on their social, send them a text, call, or write a note.

2. Lift someone up having a bad day. Is there anyone you know who has been having a rough time lately? Let them know how strong you think they are.

3. Give someone a genuine/sincere compliment.

4. Practice active listening.  This shows the person you are having a conversation with that you respect them and what they have to say is valuable.

5. Start a Girl Talk Chapter – become a role model by mentoring others and modeling empowerment in your words and actions.

6. Give encouragement instead of criticism.

7. Take time for yourself as well. You have to empower yourself first, so that you can support and empower others.