Girl Talk Clubs are usually structured where High School girls mentor middle school girls under the supervision of adult advisors, using the Girl Talk Curriculum and resources. Girl Talk empowers girls to use our resources to tailor the program to their communities. Club Leaders can choose from over 100 lessons and resources from our robust curriculum to best fit the needs of their mentees. After a club becomes active, all Leaders and Advisors have themselves and for the mentees who attend. There is no cost to start or join a Girl Talk Club, all thanks to the generosity of Girl Talk's partners.


To start a club, you need three simple things: 


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The Club Leader is a high school girl (rising 9th – 12th grader) who wants to mentor girls, share her experiences, and run the Girl Talk Club.

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The Adult Advisor provides a little extra support to your Girl Talk Club. Your Advisor could be a teacher, counselor, parent, social worker, or another trustworthy adult. Your Advisor will also need to be able to attend all of your Club and Leader meetings.

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Find a location and obtain permission for your Club to meet there each week. This could be a school, library, community center, even the local pizza place, just as long as it is easy to get to and provides a safe environment.

Once you have those three details in place, it’s time to apply for your Girl Talk Club. There are two main parts of your application: a Leader Contract and the online application.

Once you submit your completed application, our team will review it. In a couple of weeks you’ll get an email confirming the creation of your Girl Talk Club, and you’ll get access to resources to make sure you are successful.

*Our curriculum and resources are available through an online portal, Girl Talk Connection, which means you have access to all you need for your Club meetings at any time from anywhere.


Ready to get started? 

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This form is filled out and signed by the high school girl who is applying to be the Club Leader. If the Club Leader is under the age of 18, then she will need her parent/guardian to sign as well. Download and print this form, fill it out completely, and upload it with your online application. A signed Leader Contract is required to complete the online application.

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Once you have your Leader Contract and your Advisor Contract, it’s time to fill out the online application. If you want to save your progress and come back later, you’ll need to create a username and password.

Once we receive the completed application, we’ll review your materials and you will hear back about the status of your Club within two weeks.