She Leads – With Melina Zografakis

Name: Melina Zografakis

Job Title: Assistant General Manager, CAI

What would you tell your younger self? Don’t worry about what everyone else thinks and follow your instincts.

What was your major in college? Animal Science, and it was a convoluted journey before I arrived at Cox. Careers are not usually a linear path.

What was your inspiration and what helped you become successful? How do you define success? My father is my inspiration, having brought our family to this country when I was a little girl and achieving the American dream. He taught me the value of hard work and grit. I define success as being able to do work that brings you happiness and allows you to live a life you love.

How do you balance your work and personal life? Often times one has more importance, and we’re curious to know how you’ve handled the balance. I don’t know anyone who has achieved a perfect balance, and I think the most important thing to remember is that we are all trying to make it look easy even if it isn’t. When I am achieving the best balance, it is usually because I am planning ahead, even something as simple as what I am bringing for lunch for the work week or keeping up with laundry. I am also my best when I carve out time for activities that make me happy.

What is your favorite hobby? Horseback riding and travel.

What advice do you want to give the next generation of women leaders? Don’t be afraid to be yourself and try new things. You will eventually find a place where you are valued for who you are, you just might not be there today. Also, keep your mind open to possibility.

What’s your advice on mentoring? Don’t be afraid that you don’t have enough to offer.

What’s your favorite ice cream? Vanilla!