A Simple Act of Kindness

by Sydney Bartels, Girl Talk Ambassador

There are many ways to give back to the community and the lives of others around you. One of those ways are by acts of kindness. To do an act of kindness it does not have to be done by using money or resources, but also by time and effort. For example, writing little notes of positivity or inspiration and posting them publicly, or giving them to someone directly.

I have always felt that any dosage of kindness or positivity can impact someone’s day significantly.  In my high school, I have noticed that there are so many students that are stressed, or unmotivated, or upset about something,  so I wanted to help. First , I started with some motivational, inspirational, and kindness note cards posted around school and given out to various people. After realizing how much positive feedback there was from it,  I took initiative and talked to my principal about doing painting the girl’s restrooms to permanently implement kindness, motivation and positivity. So far, I have witnessed more smiling faces, as well as more positivity.

It’s super simple to give back to your community, you can get involved by volunteering or participating in an event. Acts of kindness come in different actions,  for example, holding the door for someone or helping them carry their groceries to the car. Any act, no matter how large or how small it is, it will influence someone tremendously.


Over the last few years, I became involved with Girl Talk, and this program is what further inspired me to spread kindness. Girl Talk teaches girls to treat each other in positive ways, build each other up instead of down, and teaches them why kindness is important. Girl Talk influenced me to help the girls see the good in the world, as well as how they can make a difference. Teaching the girls in Girl Talk about kindness is important because it helps them find a new way to make new friends as well as creating a bond with community members. Not only do you create new relationships, but you get the opportunity to invoke change and add positivity and awareness to the lives around you.