Core Values


Leadership Defined

As we look to the future of our organization, our foundation sits solidly on the tenant of leadership.

It is our commitment to equip all girls with the skills they need to feel confident in their abilities to lead. Our goal is to properly educate our participants through leadership literacy, so they can recognize various styles, characteristics and approaches of leadership and actually put them into practice.

Girl Talk provides the platform necessary to support the next generation of women leaders through our programmatic offerings and the formation of a life-long leadership network. Our tagline – Leadership Defined – captures our commitment to being the reliable resource for all girls wanting to learn solutions that will motivate them today, tomorrow and beyond.

Brand Voice

What are we? Empowering. Inclusive. Confident. Inspiring.

Our brand voice is a large part of what defines our image as an organization— it is made up of the words, messages and writing styles that we use to communicate across mediums. Our brand voice is important because it affects how Leaders, participants, partners, donors and the community at large see us, feel about us and communicate with us.

Brand Tone

Girl Talk's brand tone is Professional, Welcoming, Spirited, Conversational.

While our brand voice stays constant, our brand tone changes depending on the situation or audience, much like a person’s tone of voice changes based on their mood.


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