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  • I like the idea of having testimonials here – usually those catch more attention than a blog post —- however, none of our competitors are doing testimonials (Could have a nice picture of the person giving the testimonial)


  • Girls on the Run have blog posts, but I do not like the way they format it on their website


  • I Am That Girl have blog posts and the way they are formatted looks appealing and like something I would want to click on



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  • Name and email (confirm age over 13?) I have not found an organization that makes you confirm your age – as long as you have an email address you can sign up

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  • You could even do this for sponsors and have the option to click the picture and it take you to their website. Maybe you could have a picture of an event we do with the sponsor (like you were saying – Thirty-One conference, Manheim, etc.) instead of just their logo
  • Made with Code
    • You can click on each sponsor and it takes you to their website —- I still don’t find this very appealing, it is just a list of their sponsors




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