Our girl-led Clubs offer ALL high school girls a unique leadership opportunity to explore and develop their own skills and style as a leader in an environment where there is no barrier to leadership.


To start a Girl Talk Club, you need three simple things:

club infographic ABC (1)

Once you have those details in place, it’s time to apply for your Club. You’ll need to fill out three forms:

CampPic (2)


This form is filled out and signed by the high school girl who is applying to be the Club Leader. If the Club Leader is under the age of 18, then she will need her parent/guardian to sign as well. Download and print this form, fill it out completely, and upload it with your online application. A signed Leader Contract is required to complete the online application.

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Once you have your Leader Contract and your Advisor Contract, it’s time to fill out the online application. If you want to save your progress and come back later, you’ll need to create a username and password.

Once we receive the completed application, we’ll review your materials and you will hear back about the status of your Club in 2–4 weeks. 


Have you filled out our Leader Contract? It needs to be completed before you start the online application.

You will also need contact information for your Leader(s), Leader's parent/guardian, Advisor, and meeting location.

All set? Let’s get started!


We believe all girls should have access to a life-long leader network at no cost. Help us ensure that there is no barrier to a girl’s leader potential.