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Girl Talk Chapters Are Authentic And Inclusive

Girl Talk Camp

Our girl-led Chapters offer all high school girls a unique opportunity to explore and develop their own leadership style—with no barriers to entry, academic, athletic, financial, or otherwise.

Girl Talk empowers girls to use our resources to tailor the program to their communities. Chapter Leaders can choose lessons from our newly updated, robust curriculum to best fit the needs of their mentees.

And we’ll help you every step of the way! After you create a Girl Talk Chapter, you’ll have access to the resources you need to make it a great experience for yourself and for the girls who attend.

“This organization allows for the exchange of life lessons and the story of growth to be shared between girls in order to empower girls to embrace being a girl and be a confident leader without fear...Girl Talk does not focus on who is the best, but who can grow into the best version of themselves.”

-Girl Talk Leader


Through leading her Chapter, each Leader has the opportunity to discover and use her distinctive voice and empower other girls to do the same.

To start your Chapter, you’ll need to find three things:

Start a Chapter My Girl Talk
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The Chapter Leader is a high school girl (rising 9th – 12th grader) who wants to mentor girls, share her experiences, and run the Girl Talk Chapter.

Girl Talk Camp


The adult Adviser provides a little extra support to your Girl Talk Chapter. Your Adviser could be a teacher, counselor, parent, social worker, or another trustworthy adult. Your Adviser will also need to be able to attend all of your Chapter and Leader meetings.



Find a location and obtain permission for your Chapter to meet there each week. This could be a school, library, community center, even the local pizza place, just as long as it is easy to get to and provides a safe environment.

Once you have those three details in place, it’s time to apply for your Girl Talk Chapter. There are two main parts of your application: a Leader Contract and the online application.

Once you submit your completed application, our team will review it. In a few weeks, you’ll get an email confirming the creation of your Girl Talk Chapter, and you’ll get access to resources to make sure you are successful.

*Our curriculum and resources are available through an online portal, Girl Talk Connection, which means you have access to all you need for your Chapter meetings at any time from anywhere.


If you need help introducing your school or another adult to Girl Talk, or to get approval to use a specific location for your Girl Talk meetings, we have resources to help.


Wondering if there’s already a Girl Talk Chapter in your area? Search for Chapters near you, and we’ll pass your information along as applicable.


If you have any questions about starting a Chapter, or if you run into any problems, please fill out our online contact form. A member of our Girl Talk team will reach out to you shortly.


We believe all girls should have access to a life-long leader network at no cost. Help us ensure that there is no barrier to a girl’s leader potential.